COVID’s Impact on Our Community

Xavier Hernandez, EIC

It is no secret that Covid has impacted minorities more than anyone else in the country.  So much so the if you are a member of the LatinX community you are “3.2 %” more likely to contract covid, according to the CDC.

When looking at the population the united states the Latino population only makes up 18% but have 33.8% of the Covid cases in America. If minorities died at the same the rate as white Americans 21,000 African-Americans, 11,000 Latigos  would still be alive.

The death toll is not the only thing is to take into consideration when talking about health, there is also the mental health. Mental health is one of issues that is plaguing the people stuck at home. Depression and Anxiety went up by 32% according to the CDC. This is mostly caused by us feeling stuck and not being able to go out and be social. What the CDC recommends walks and phone calls. Even though you may not be in person it still helps alleviate that unneeded stress. The walks help get your blood flowing and it helps clear your mind.

This is most concerning thing is the rate of depression among young people which has never been higher. Even though the virus may not kill them at the same rate it still has a profound mental health issues. So much so that the superintendent of Spring-Branch ISD said that “lots of kids need help” and ” that there were ” An alarming number of phone calls to the police over the summer.”. She then went on to explain that there are ways to get help and if you need it you can get it.

It is important to remember that you are not alone everyone is going through a lot right now and there is no shame in getting help. Do not be afraid, be there for your friends sometimes you just need to listen and be open.

If you need help these are the people you can contact

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