What about traveling during the pandemic?

Do you like to Travel ? I mean we all do, and with the current situation that is affecting our lovely world, travel has been nearly impossible to adapt to with the current event of Covid-19 . Traveling by plane has adapted to the situation, but there is still a huge risk of contracting/spreading the virus. 

We will be discussing how airlines are treating this moment of panic to ensure that passengers have a safe and comforting flight without having to think every moment that they might contract the virus . They do agree that traveling might increase the possibility of contracting/spreading the virus. 

¨For me personally I love flying, there are perks and disadvantages. With the current pandemic I could see why Donald Trump banned flying. I just don’t think we should be worried about going anywhere at the moment, the best thing to do is to stay home as much as possible to lessen the risk of getting the virus and we just have t0 hope for the best and pray that this will all go away soon,¨ said Joshua Bates, 11th grader at Northbrook High School.

Many airlines have a list to prepare you to actually travel and they suggest some questions that may or may not apply to you and precautions you should think about before traveling and taking that risk.

For example the questions they ask are if any of your family members are at most risk for severe illness of Covid-19, or if your destination has any requirements or restrictions for travelers? There are many more questions and these are very important to keep in mind.

¨I feel like it’s definitely more dangerous to fly because airplanes were not that clean in the first place, but now there’s a pandemic, which would make the planes a lot dirtier. I would still fly but not anytime soon as I would need to trust the airlines and their cleanliness more before I even set foot in one,” said Celeste Cabrales, 11th grader at Northbrook High School

What are airline companies doing to ensure the passengers’ safety? 

Airlines are enforcing many precautions to ensure safety for everyone. They promote social distancing and require wearing a mask. They require you to do everything online without any physical contact if possible with purchasing or reserving seats.

In conclusion traveling has really changed over the months due to Covid-19 and everyone has had to adapt to the changes.