Nobel Peace Prize Literature Winner: Louise Glück

Amanda Cardoza

Nominated for her “ unmistakable poetic voice,” Louise Glück was awarded  the Nobel Peace Prize 2020 in Literature on Thursday October 8, 2020. At the Nobel announcement, Anders Olsson, the chair of the prize-giving committee praised her on her efforts. Glück, according to the New York Times, is the first female poet to be awarded the prize since Wislawa Szymborska, polish writer, in 1996.

“Acclaimed as one of the most prominent poets in American contemporary literature”

Glück writes her poems about the challenges of family life and about growing older. 

Also, Louise Glück has published twelve collections of poetry and some volumes of essays on poetry. All are characterized by a striving for clarity, according to ABC News.

Glück won because she has won other awards in the past before, and her debut put her in the spotlight. She made her debut in 1968 with Firstborn, and won prizes like the Pulitzer prize (1993) and the National book award (2014). In her poems, she serves the message of the self-reflect and confronts the illusions of self-reflect. Poetry was her forte and it showed when she won her Prize.

Photo credits: Photo by Sunyu on Unsplash