COVID numbers on the rise

Aaliyah Gonzalez

Coronavirus cases are starting to increase in the U.S. It seems as if it’s going to get even worse throughout Fall. According to the director of NIH (national institutes of health).

COVID cases have increased by 35%, although the cases are increasing, deaths are not at the same rate. Eventually deaths will catch up with the cases due to hospitalizations increasing in more than 40 states. 

“I think things are getting worse because people still aren’t taking it seriously,” said Luis Hernandez a 9th grader at nhs.  

The amount of cases, if they keep rising, will eventually be as bad or worse than back in July. That is when cases were really high.

“It makes sense since some people don’t want to wear mask,” said Alejandra Soria a 9th grader at nhs.

The media has been giving information about a vaccine being available by November, but because of a possible safety issue two trials were put on hold. This makes the chances of there being a vaccine by November very slim.

One of the main reasons the spread seems to be getting worse rather than better is because our nation has not found a way to take effective health measures. As much as people are tired of the virus, it will only get worse if we continue not wearing masks and social distancing.