[OPINION] What the Media isn’t Covering…

Lately, I’ve noticed the media isn’t covering actual news. It seems the only thing the news covers is what the media wants us to see. For example, what type of color a celebrity changed their hair too, or what’s trending nowadays. It’s never really topics that should be talked about and brought attention to. There are so many issues around the world that never get shown to the media.

What issues are happening around the world right now?

In the borders between Mexico & The U.S, immigrants have been locked in cages and showing symptoms of Covid-19. They aren’t being treated for, and articles say that ICE Officers have sexually assaulted women and children. Also, children have been going missing from the facilities. A lot of speculation shows that reporters believe they are human trafficking.
Currently, in Mexico, women are brutally killed. The law isn’t doing anything about it just because they are women. This leads to them protesting because it got worse there was 987 woman and girls had been murdered during these few months. No justice has been served, the youngest they have killed was a one-year-old girl, and the oldest they have killed was an 80-year-old woman.

Venezuela is in crisis right now due to the shortage of food they have and medication. There has also been a lot of crime happening, making people leave Venezuela, and so much more is happening.