Who thought of joining the cheerleading team? It’s a great idea; cheerleaders represent sports.

Our NHS cheerleaders work hard after school, and they always have something new under their sleeves!

¨The cheerleaders are one of the biggest entertainment groups to regularly perform¨, according to the Northbrook HS Twitter page.

There are so many things cheerleaders go through, frustration when they can’t learn a dance move because it’s complicated. Thinking that something can go wrong, cheerleaders need the hype too.

¨Cheerleaders showing their support¨ ¨Cheerleaders putting in the work under the lights!¨

Wherever our football team goes, our cheerleaders will go behind. To support and bring that positivity up, they represent and are a part of such a beautiful team. The colors will let the people know who they are and what we got.

Our cheerleaders work as hard as you can imagine to bring you all a good experience while watching the game.

Come and support our cheerleaders as you support the team; they will stick together and bring every bad game up. It’s not really about scores; it’s how united we are.