[OPINION] The Vast Virtual World


David Ramirez

As technology is revolutionizing the world we live in and becoming more available to us, it is easier to get your fair share of video games. Video games have existed for a long time now, to be exact…since 1958. The first video game to exist was Pong, a virtual version of ping pong, and it was played on the first video game console. The Odyssey is also known as “The Brown Box,” referred to by some people by its only other color on the console aside from black.

Video games were a big part of my life growing up, from playing the Nintendo 64 to bringing games out of my house with the Game Boy. This revolutionary gaming console made video games portable before we had touch phones that would let us play games straight out of our pocket. The video game industry has always been a big thing, without a doubt. With that, many different companies are competing for releasing the best game content or gaming accessories or perhaps gaming consoles, for example, Sony and Microsoft, with their Ps4 and Xbox competition that’s been going since the late 90s and early 2000s.

We can all agree about all these companies in the gaming industry because they have improved over the years and will continue to improve. These Video game graphics have come a long way from 2D vision to an ultra-realistic looking environment. With the new generation consoles that will soon be released, I can’t wait to buy the PS5 to see how Sony has improved as they have done over the years. It will be a great experience to see yet another console and a new part of my gaming hobby.