The Effects of Social Media


300,000 years ago, modern humans appeared on earth. It’s hard to believe that Homo Sapiens started from humble beginnings with rocks and sticks all the way to computers and the internet. But have these recent inventions been a benefit to humanity? One of these new discoveries has been the introduction of social media. Social media websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

One positive example that social media brings is the benefit of being able to communicate with anyone around the world.  This is the first time in history where you can connect with anyone in any part of the world. It truly is amazing how communication has expanded on a global scale with the introduction of the internet.

With every positive there is a negative. The negative side of social media is that there is an increased risk of depression. Having access to social media can increase your time spent on it, the more time you spend on social media the more you see other peoples lives and what they post. It is human nature to compare and when people do that in social media they tend to ask questions like “why don’t I look like that “ causing people to discover insecurities in themselves which leads to depression. 

Many people have different opinions on social media, some believe it’s a good thing and others don’t see the positive effects it creates. Fellow Northbrook student Apple Davidson believes that, “social media is a good thing because we can communicate easier with our friends and families no matter where they are”.