If your school were a movie, what would it be? [OPINION]


If our school were a movie, it would be similar to the movie freedom writers.

Why, you may ask?

Our school compares to this movie because of the many opportunities the teachers give the students regardless of where we come from. The staff and teachers will go out of their way to find opportunities for their students. Regardless of people’s backgrounds, our school tries to bring us together to bond and form a stronger community. They give us reality checks by giving us talks on how what we do right now will affect us in the long run in the future.

What do they do?

Teachers always do their best to change our mentality in a good way and see things from a bigger perspective. Northbrook High school contributes to making activities, groups, and clubs to bring the same people who have the same interest to bond together and express their emotions and opinions. These groups and clubs make us contribute with our other classmates by sharing ideas and bringing more to create more realistic ideas!