Student ID cards and their multiple uses [Opinion]


Dawson Nguyen

They keep us recognizable and safe, but why do we have to wear them all the time? Such an inconvenience. I feel like they should recognize our faces; even though I get they would have to remember thousands of faces to get this right, I’m saying that they should at least know that you are a student. There is nothing to be suspicious about, and I get that IDs recognize you as a student, but I don’t think we should wear them everywhere we go. When students are in the hallways, sometimes teachers ask them for their IDs. This slows their hustle, and they have to show that they own one to the teachers. But teachers doing this can have some benefits. If there is someone suspicious, asking them to show some ID could expose them.

But most of the time, the teachers don’t even check if we have them, and when they do, they don’t check thoroughly, which defeats their purpose. During class time, it is rare that teachers do an ID check. Students say it is because the teachers connect to the students and know who they are.

But some teachers get frustrated when you aren’t wearing it, even though you are in their class every day, and they know who you are. We get that it is for safety reasons, but it’s not very convenient for students.

Having it out in the morning confirms who you are, so the teachers know, but you should have the choice to have it out or keep it in your bag because no one checks, or barely anyone checks.

The design of the ids are not the greatest either. The current one is pixelated, and the design could be improved. The school can fix this by inserting a design contest for the IDs to jazz up the look. This could make it so that students can express themselves to encourage maybe wearing them more often.

My peers say that we wear id’s to show who we are and to prove that we are students. They also say that it is safer to wear id’s to distinguish the students from strangers.

I do admit there are benefits to wearing ids. They keep us safe by giving evidence that we are who we are.