The importance of Art classes at Northbrook


This is an assignment that challenges young artists to think about content and color.

Kevin Hernandez

Art class is one of the most important classes here at Northbrook High School and one of the most important in our district because we show our masterpieces to the people.

Many know that we are great talented artists in this school, eager to show the world.

Art class teaches us many things from our imagination, culture, ideas, and inspiration. 

Also, we have seven elements we always use in our artwork when we make good ideas from our minds. The elements are line, shape, form, space, texture, value, and color.

These are important elements of art because when we draw an art design, we choose the line, shape, value, and most importantly, the color. The color is important because, in our artworks, we also do sketches and drawings. 

For our artwork ideas, we practice normal drawing as always. We do this in our free time also to entertain ourselves. 

Also, the value is important because when we make a portrait of an animal or a person, we have to paint the value like the picture of the picture. When we start to draw, we need to use our art supplies because there are different colored pencils to use. 

Prismacolors are the best to paint the artwork in color. We also use watercolors in class. Lauren Mohan, an Art teacher at Northbrook, says, “watercolors are the best for the artwork pieces because they have a good value for those who are experts.”

When we finish our artwork, we exhibit it in the school hall to show the school how good we are.

The culture of illusion and inspiration from all art students shows in our program. Becoming a good artist takes a process in every art position, for example, Art I, Art II, Art III, and Art IV.

All of these are important in students’ progress to learn the elements, spirit of inspiration, and cultural history from famous artists of the world.

I asked a few questions about art class to Mohan to tell me more about her class.

Why is it important to take art in high school? She says it is important to take high school level art not because you were given an art credit, itś because you have all different skills and opportunities to continue branching out to realize yourself as a person. 

How do people feel when students create their artwork? She says people have different emotions about making artwork, and some people feel stressed because their skill levels are not enough. Other people make artwork very free because it is an opportunity to do something else instead of reading a textbook or taking notes. 

What kind of competitions do you do in high school art? She says high school-level art contests in district art shows. We compete inside and outside of the district. We have a Rodeo art contest, and Newspring art auctions are also other things we always do. 

How do you feel in art class? One asked me if this is a great class because I can draw what I always want and l feel like l do good work in art.

I think art class is one of the best classes l have because it’s not just the grade. It’s just for your ideas to create something in artwork like a great artist and our school. The Raiders are always proud of their art class because they live in colors and draw forever. That is the way to triumph in your life forever.