Opinion: Trying to increase school spirit on campus


Class of 2022 students showing class spirit by rooting for the football team at this year’s homecoming game.

High school and college are considered to be memorable. This is the time where you’re finally reaching adulthood, and you are meeting the people you will keep in touch with for the rest of your life.

In my opinion, school spirit can make a difference in students’ attitudes towards school. There are several things that our class officers or administrators do to improve school spirit. We have red ribbon week, homecoming week, pink out day/pink out game. Just a few weeks ago, we had senior sunrise that brought together many seniors.

There definitely is a lack of school spirit at Northbrook. For any upcoming event at the school, you have your usual students who complain and say that the event is not even worth having.

We have the students who are too shy to participate and ones that are too lazy even to try.

School spirit needs to be in abundance for everyone at Northbrook, but the solution to the problem is easier said than done. It’s tough to push everyone in the school to give their unconditional support. But how do we get a bunch of teenagers to be interested in something?

Most want to come to school and quickly get over their work, so they go home without worry. Others care for their grades but want to have a fun time here, the solution to improvements for school spirit is to try and advertise it even more, and teachers and students who participate can show how fun and entertaining it can be.