Northbrook HS Student Press Conference 2022


Kevin Hernandez

Kevin Hernandez stands next to Dr. Jennifer Blaine and Dr. Bryan Williams at the Northbrook’s Student Press Conference on January 25.

The Journalism Department for the past few years has held a Student Press Conference for all the journalism students. They can experience this journalistic opportunity and be able to express the right of the press that our constitution says. As students, we have the right to know all the news happening in our school district, so journalists always have to be prepared to always ask questions. It is our job to do this responsibly and our group always has an opportunity to express our ideas and thoughts.

Our Journalism teacher Pablo Victor and students every year organize a student press conference for our school. Those who are interested in listening to questions and the answers from our guests are invited. Not only does our school participate in this press conference, other high schools are welcome to the meeting. Our guests this year were Memorial HS and Stratford HS. They also asked questions as we do, to the superintendents of our school district.

At the student press conference, our guests were Dr. Jennifer Blaine, SBISD Superintendent, and Dr. Bryan Williams, Community Superintendent. We write what they were saying about the importance of our district and our community. That’s why it’s essential and our duty as a journalist to know everything about the plans or ideas for the future of SBISD.

Mariah Martinez later showed Dr. Blaine and Dr. Williams, who was accepted to college, as part of the SBISD T-2-4 plan.

During the student press conference, Mariah showed Dr. Blaine and Dr. Williams, our new independent organization, called TEDxNorthbrookHS. A new organization group of speakers talking about ideas for the world. We are the only school in SBISD who will have a TEDx event this year. It will be on Thursday, May 19, 2022, only Northbrook High School seniors are able to apply for a spot to speak. This year’s speakers include:

  1. Diana Reyes
  2. Doan Huynh
  3. Evelyn Flores
  4. Jesse Sandoval
  5. Junior Gonzalez
  6. Mariah Martinez
  7. Marisol Roman
  8. Ninja Young
  9. Obed Ramirez
  10. Celeste Cabrales