National Counselor’s Week -Diedra Hader



Samantha Gaona

The week of February 7-11 is known as National Counselors Week. Each day of the week we will be featuring our wonderful counselors that help us with our social-emotional and post secondary endeavors. Here at Northbrook, we have fortunate to have such an amazing team working together. #Bettertogether 

Diedra Hader is one of our post-secondary counselors at Northbrook High School. She works tirelessly to ensure that we have everything turned in for our college applications. She is a proud Texas Tech alumni and is always rocking her Texas Tech gear. Her favorite quote is “every decision you make puts you either one step closer to your goals…or one step further away”

“She’s always willing to take time out of her day to help us pick the right decisions for our college future,” says Jimena Lopez, senior at Northbrook. 

It’s very common to her in the hallways between classes, making sure we get to class on time. She has a very tough love attitude, but on the inside she is one of the sweetest people working at Northbrook. Many students reach out to her after graduation to thank her for everything that she did for them. What-a-burger is one of her favorite fast food restaurants, so consider giving her a gift card as a gift at graduation. 

Collegiate Challenge, is one of several organizations that she helps with. The organizations helps with first-generation college students that helps and mentors students.

Hader is housed in the CUBE, located on the second floor of Northbrook between the A and B wing. Students are constantly coming in and out of her room for help with financial aid, TSI, college applications, and fee waivers. 

“She has helped make sure we are on the path we want for our future,” says, Liliana Sesmas, senior at Northbrook High School.