National School Counselor Week – Kelly Kretschmar



National School Counseling Week is February 7th through 11th. During the week we will be featuring our counselors that put forth so much effort to make sure we are excelling through both good and bad times. All the counselors mentioned throughout the week really help us learn how to be resilient. 

Kelly Kretschmar is one of our post-secondary counselors here at Northbrook high school. She is dedicated to making sure her students get all their college applications done promptly and correctly. She attended Texas Christian University and University of North Texas. One of her all time favorite quotes is ¨And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.¨ 

She helped me with my FAFSA, create an account for my ApplyTexas application, and my Lone Star application,” said Julio Rojas.

I know many students can agree that Kretschmar is a very organized and tech savvy individual. Recently one of the most helpful and effective projects Kretschmar put together in order to help her senior students was a virtual senior year survival guide. A lot of people benefited from this when it came to questions about FAFSA, college essays, and all things of that nature.

“She’s very organized. She makes writing college essays so easy since she used to be an English teacher. I loved writing essays for her in her class,¨ says Cenia Gonzalez, a senior at Northbrook.

Currently, Kretschmar is located in the 10th grade office on the 2nd floor, so if you ever need help from someone who speaks post-secondary counseling, Kretschmar is your gal.