National Counselor’s Week -Anne Styler



Reynaldo Hernandez

Anne Styler, Laura Garcia, Carla Mendez stand next each other to show that being a counselor is a super power.

National Counselors Week is celebrated from February 7 through the 11th. Each day of the week, we will highlight one of our amazing counselors. 

Northbrook High School’s twelfth grade counselor is Anne Styler. Not only does Styler works hard everyday to ensure the happiness of all the students here at Northbrook High School, but she also takes time out of her schedule to ensure that school spirit is seen throughout the school. She also take time out of her busy schedule to make sure that all her students are doing well. 

“Anytime I need it, she checks up on me. She’s super sweet and always there for us,” said Lee Barrera. 

Anne Styler is a proud Sam Houston University and Utah State alumna. She advises all Northbrook Raiders to “trust yourself.” Styler’s favorite part of her employment at Northbrook High School is spending time with students. She says getting to know and spending time with students is what makes her happy.

“Ms. Styler is very considerate, respectful, and thoughtful. I can go to her with anything that I need. She can relate to us so much with her stories” says Cenia Gonzalez, a senior at Northbrook High School. 

Styler’s favorite hobbies are pottery and napping. “My favorite hobby, aside from poetry, is napping,” she says. 

Styler can be found in the 12th grade office if you ever need to talk to someone about anything.

“Styler is a great counselor, she knows me well and I’ve known her for four years. She has supported me in my education and also is my best friend and I love her very much,” says Kevin Hernandez.