Tennis tournament season is here!


Carlos Avila

Daniel forehands a tennis ball towards his competitor during his 7th period Tennis class.

Carlos Avila

Tennis is a year round sport at Northbrook. The season is split into two parts: summer until around mid November. The team plays against other schools and if multiple matches are won our school wins for that day. 

January through March is tournament season where you compete against other schools and if you win you move to the next match and play until you win finals or lose before that. When you win the first match you move up to the next. If you lose your second match you don’t play again, however if you keep winning you play until you get to the semi-finals or finals. If you lose the first match you move to consolation, where you play against people who also lost.

You play against many schools and there are multiple players in one place. You move to a host school, and from there you move on to other schools. Some students get left alone while the rest of their friends and other players go to other schools. 

“I was alone for almost 8 hours. A lot of people thought I was one of the coaches because I was just sitting there,” said Vincent Lee.

Tournament season is always fun. You can play against people from your same school. If you both move up and get to the finals there’s a potential that you will play against a friend in the same team as you.

The coach from Waller was deciding who played against who, and called out “MacArthur A boys single and MacArthur B boys single.” 

When you play at tournaments you can make friends with people from other schools and you might have to play against them at some point. This has personally happened to me and a girl I met at a tournament a couple weeks back and I had to play against her the very next tournament.

The other tennis players at Northbrook are very competitive.

“Winning, and the urge to be competitive and constantly trying to improve whether it is for winning or losing,” said Vincent Le