National School Counselor’s Week -Cameron Raska



Dr. Antonio Avalos

Cameron Raska stands proudly next to his colleagues at the 2020 Homecoming event.

February 7th through the 11th is known nationally as National Counselors Week. This week we have talked about several of our excellent, hard working counselors at Northbrook, without them we would not be where we are today, they are the backbone of our schools. 

Cameron Raska, Northbrook High School ninth grade counselor has been hard at work this year making sure all of the incoming freshmen were set with their schedules. He takes the time to listen attentively to all his students in need. He is a proud alumni from Texas State and Lamar University. Raska sets out to make sure all of his students accomplish and meet their need to walk the stage at graduation. 

“Mr.Raska has always been kind to me and has always helped out whenever I needed something, even though he does not know me personally. He’s a very good person,” said Brooklynne Neff.

Raska has gone out of his way to help students and staff outside of his own class, being a part of Northbrook’s Character Without Question committee, Cameron Raska had the chance to interview several seniors that were nominated by their peers and teachers. Last year our previous graduating seniors did not get the pleasure to enjoy it, but Raska was committed to making a special day for our seniors.

“Last year, Raska helped out tremendously with helping the senior class have an unforgettable social event. He took time to reach out to the different vendors and organized all the volunteers from point a to z,” said faculty member Pablo Victor.

Raska can be found in the ninth grade office located on the third floor. If if you have any questions he’s more than happy to help you. Make sure you extend your gratitude to him as he brings so much to Northbrook’s community.