The Senior Year Experience


Laura Garcia

Seniors Josiah Williams, Shania Echaverry, Jonathan Graver, Natalie Fuetes, Cynthia Alvarado, Mayra Ceron, and Alexa Rivera enjoyed a relaxing morning during this year’s Senior Sunrise.

Senior year is the 12th grade year of school here in the United States. It is very much known as the 4th and last year of High School. This is an important year of school because it is when students begin to apply to colleges, universities, and scholarships for a brighter future. Graduation is an important event because it officially gives seniors their high school diploma, which opens more doors for all of them in the workforce.

As there are important events for seniors, there are also fun events. A very huge fun event, where seniors go all out and spend the most money, is prom. Prom happens before graduation, and it is a big party where all seniors go and dance in beautiful, elegant dresses and tuxedos. This event typically happens in a big salon, and ticket prices range from $50-$90. The prices and the salon all depend on the money seniors have raised throughout their four years of High School. Many schools offer car washes, fundraisers, and different types of activities to collect money. The more money collected, the bigger the prom will be.

“I felt like I watched these kids grow up, and I remember feeling super upset when they came to me wondering about their senior prom, and what does the rest of the year have for them?” said Chris Dier from This quote stood out to us because it brings a teacher’s perspective towards the seniors’ final journey. Chris basically said that he felt sad that he would have to let go of the seniors soon because they were about to graduate and finally go to prom as they were excited to.

As mentioned earlier, senior year is where 17 and 18-year-olds begin their adult journey. The counselors and teachers begin helping them and encouraging them to apply to colleges/universities and scholarships. Some students don’t have the plan to attend more school after they graduate High School, but they are still steadily encouraged to apply just to have a backup plan in case they decide later on they would like to attend school.

“The most important thing in your life is to live your life with integrity and to not give into peer pressure to try to be something that you’re not,” said Ellen DeGeneres. High School is a place to have fun and not care about what other people might say and think about you because, in the end, they all have different paths to take. Although high school is very important to begin your adult life, you are still a kid so take advantage of your “most likely” last year of school ever.

“Graduation is not the end; it is the beginning,” said Senator Orrin Hatch. Some people think that graduation is the end of their career, but they have not realized there is much more to live out in the world. Although your plan is not to attend college after High School, you can still get into the workforce and obtain a very high paying job. After high school, you can start planning and achieving your biggest goals in life. You should be excited!

Back in the day, senior year included more activities, but COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our lives.

Fortunately, counselors have not stopped advising us and pushing us to the biggest things in life. As seniors of the class of 2022, we advise all upcoming seniors to take advantage of their High School years and make the best out of them. Participate in activities and don’t miss out because it is your last year of high school ever. There is so much for many people out there, and although you don’t have your life figured out yet, you’ll find a way through that tunnel, and you will be successful.