National School Counselors Week -Sharlondrea Basquine


Reynaldo Hernandez

The counseling team at Northbrook High School is very tight community. They can always be seen working together.

In recognition of all of the awesome counselors around school districts, February 7-11 has been named as National Counselor Week. 

Today´s article is about Sharlondrea Basquine Franklin. She is a proud University of Houston and Texas Southern University alumna. Everyone here at Northbrook High can see that her positive, outgoing personality lights up every room she is in. 

“Ms. Basquine is the MVP, she always has candy for us in her office. She’s valid,” said Jesus Munoz.

Basquine really enjoys her work as a counselor and takes pride in making sure her students have the right information and are on the right track. Working here at Northbrook, her favorite thing to do is experience her students increase in their knowledge academically . She describes her relationship with her students like a mother and child, she enjoys seeing her students grow and experience significant moments with them. 

Outside of school Basquine enjoys spending time running, swimming, going to her students after school activities. 

¨My students are very athletic,¨ she says. Basquine also says that she loves spending time with her family.

Her outlook on life is based on one of her all time favorite quotes which goes like this: “What makes you an exceptional person is what you do for others. Make sure what you do in secret, you would still be proud of no matter who was watching.” 

Basquine is an amazing outgoing counselor, and we are very grateful for her hard work and dedication. 

“I appreciate everything that Ms. Basquine does for the Class of 2023, she’s always helping us making sure we have enough credits and wants us to graduate and have the best senior year ever,” said Leslie Esparza.

Writer’s Note: The term “valid” could be described as acceptable. Someone that is enjoyable, fun, and liked.