The Hella Mega Tour


Photo by Anna Selby on Unsplash

Car stereo featuring Fall Out Boys song, “The last of the Real Ones.”

The Hella Mega tour. If you listen to Green Day, Fall out Boy and Weezer then this tour was for you. In the year 2019 the three bands were originally going to play from March to August 2020 for North America and European dates, but due to COVID-19 they had to cancel them. The following year though from July 24th to September 6th these three bands were hitting stadiums all over North America. Until 2022, when they can start going to Europe. In an interview with Apple Music these were some of the things they talked about.

It’s kind of a Green Day idea and we talked about how we weren’t really want to do stadiums and do something that was sort of more of like kind of like throwback to like monsters of rock tour. Of course Fall Out Boy and Weezer and you know, we’re stoked,” said Billie Joe Armstrong lead vocalist and guitarist for Green Day.

Upon the new tour all three bands wanted to make a special album celebrating this tour. With Green Day they made their 2020 album “Father of all…,” with Weezer they made their 2021 album “Van Weezer”, and finally with Fall Out Boy with their 2019 album ‘‘Believers Never Die (Volume Two)”.

“New albums called Van Weezer in it’s kind of like the blue album, but with more solos- well and like riffs like metal and hard rock riffs, but you know still pretty like catchy pop rock-yeah harmonic yeah notes it’s been a while since I bust those out,” said Rivers Cuomo lead vocalist and guitarist from the band Weezer.

I mean fast forward from the 90s/ early 2000s to now I think all bands were trying to experiment with new sounds. Weezer and Green Day had a hard rock/ grunge sound as well as Fall Out Boy in the early 2000s. Now Green Day are heading toward something like hip hop rock with the album “Father of all…,” and a mix of hip hop rock and grunge rock with the album “Van Weezer” for the band Weezer. Meanwhile Fall Out Boy was making another greatest hits ‘‘Believers Never Die (Volume Two)”.

“So we live in that we really truly do live in a hip-hop world that drives culture, you know like that is what kind of moves the needle and so, I think that an impop culture is well like in pop music and I think that this tour clearly is Connor Program into that. There are still kids who are going to want to go out and see a big rock show and that’s what this thing is,” said Pete Wentz, bassist from the band Fall Out Boy.