Living in America


Jennifer Perez

Ezequiel Diaz (Zeke) poses with his Argentina soccer jersey at school during the 2022 World Cup.

Jennifer Perez, Reporter


Ezequiel Diaz, also known as Zeke, was born in San Juan, Argentina. He came to the US at the age of 16 on January 22, 2022. Ezequiel came along with his parents and 2 sisters searching for a better future both economically and based on education. Zeke started school in the U.S. almost as soon as he got here and, he attends Northbrook High School.

What is life like in America

Ezequiel described life in America as entirely different from life in Argentina, he says,“ son cosas differentes que nada mas veias en las peliculas”/ “they are  different things one would only see in the movies”. According to Zeke schools in Argentina are smaller and harder to get into than it is in the U.S. Schools in the U.S. also have more opportunities for students such as sports teams and other extracurriculars. One of Zeke’s favorite memories while studying in the U.S. was trying out for the school Football team and finding out he was so good they were going to put him on the varsity team. Not everything here was easy though, Zeke came here knowing little to no english, and he had to learn to catch up fast according, to him after all this time he still does not believe he can speak english “sigo aprendiendo todos los dias” / “I am still learning every day”. 

Why is this important 

Many students travel to America and are expected to be bad or to fail, but Zeke is a clear example that life is different for everyone. He found a way to thrive and make a name for himself in a place where everything was different.