Once COVID is over, Go travel!

People can go to any place they want in the world and probably learn a new language. This is possible if people that want to travel have a passport to go to other countries that is. Nowadays people need to have a mask on because of Covid-19, and they also need to be distant from each other at least 6 feet apart.

China was the first country to find out about Covid-19.

When did it start?

Last March right before spring week. Afterwards, people could not travel on planes because of the virus.

Why did they cancelled?

Everything cancelled because they didn’t wanted to affect other people.

What typically happens?

Once a year during Spring Break, people go to places many have never been.

Facts about news travel you can see how beautiful places are and probably go and have fun. Travel can be fun because you can go visit different places each year.

Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.