Minecraft is here to stay

Many students at Northbrook think Minecraft was the best game ever when it came out. This journalist thinks everyone in the world should know something about Minecraft.                                                                 

Hugo, 9th grader at Northbrook said the game was really good when he played it.

What I think Minecraft was all about was how many worlds I used to make each time, just to have fun when I came home from school  making, building, and surviving new stuff in each world I created with new people, friends, and family. Or some people like YouTubers speed run the game (that means how fast they can complete the game). The fastest time is 3 minutes 6 seconds by a person whose YouTube channel is MinecrAvenger.

Or some people would just take it slow like Pewdiepie. He almost won the game by taking it nice and slow.

A fun fact is that 126 million people still play Minecraft in 2020.

William, Northbrook alumni, said, “Minecraft is the flipping best game ever!”                                                 

Minecraft has made 480 million dollars on purchases.

Writer disclosure: Minecraft has been one of my favorite games for almost 10 years now. It used to be one of my favorites games when I was in elementary and middle school.