Northbrook JV gets a W!!!

George Roque

The Northbrook Junior Varsity football team beat the Cleveland Football on October 1st 2020 on a score of 21-15 in the Raiders home stadium.

Emmanuel Zapata , a 10th grader Northbrook student said, “The future of the Raider football program is bright and promising.”

This is Northbrook’s first Junior Varsity win in  5 years.

Jonathan Vazquez said, “This could be a turning point for our football team. Our Junior Varsity football team could be very good in the future and they have a lot of potential in themselves. They just need to keep up the great work and continue to push themselves and have confidence within themselves.”

The newspaper staff would like to congratulate the Raiders win vs Cleveland and we can’t wait to see them the rest of this season and in the near future!