JV Football Wants Their Voices Heard!


Valarie Hernandez

Northbrook JV team celebrates a victory on September 13 on Victory Field.

Damarcus Batiste

Northbrook junior varsity! The Jv team has defeated humble 10-6 first game of the year and Pasadena 6-0, leaving them on a winning streak!

Kejuam Benford, a 9th grade Northbrook student, said, “it’s nice to know that JV is the future face of the Raiders.”

Our JV Northbrook football team has won 2 games; basically, the most they have succeeded in 6 years.

Ziomara Renteria, an 11th grader at Yes Prep, said, “that they’re trying their best with their teammates to get along with one another by putting effort every day at practice, and following their coach’s rules to make a change.”

As a journalist and a member of the JV football team, we’re going hard and striving to keep on putting in the work till it pays off for me, the team, my coach, and show everybody how we Raiders RIDE!