Masks in fashion!


Coronavirus has changed millions of lives for the past seven months. The need to wear a mask has been essential. At times, that can ruin your outfit because of its unmatched color, but people have changed now.

“But while we all should be wearing masks, how does it feel to see something so associated with the loss and tragedy of the pandemic become part of a look?” Vogue says in an article.

Fashion trends can seem out of line sometimes. As of this moment, your mask matching your outfit is has become a trend. People have opened businesses selling masks with different patterns, designs, and anything else you could think of.

“The fashion industry has now included matching masks to outfits; no one will have to worry about an unmatched mask,” says Deccan Chronicle.

Masks minimize the risk of contracting the virus, according to CDC experts. That is why many designers include them in fashion.

Northbrook students agree with the idea that masks should be included in an outfit. Some disagree because of how weird it may seem and how fashion lines take advantage of the tragic situation.

“If the aim is to make people wear masks, why not make them nice to look at, ” Vogue says. By making masks with designs that people like, the number of people being safe has gone up. Patterns and other masks attract people to buy masks and wear them because they match their outfit or are fun to wear.

Either way, masks are something we are going to have to wear in the future. Fashion or not, if it helps minimize the risk of the spread, most people are going to wear them.