Nike’s legacy with the Air Max


Axel Velasquez and An Nguyen

Nike Air Max was launched in 1987. The idea came from NASA engineer Frank Rudy when he had the idea of adding air to shoes. When released, it came in limited quantities for the Honolulu marathon in 1978.

“I like them; they have nice designs,” said Mauricio Solano, 9th grader.

The shoes were made with flexible urethane pouches filled with pressurized gas; this is where the air comes in the name. This gives cushioning at the bottom of the shoe. Nike Air Max is made of Duromesh synthetic suede and synthetic leather.

“I think it was a great decision to add them to the shoes. It makes the shoes alright,” said Ian Roaro, 11th grader.

Nike air max comes at 80 dollars per pair, which is the highest median price for a pair of shoes. The best Air Max is the Nike Air Max 90, called ‘Infrared.’ The Air Max 90 is arguably the most identifiable model of the whole Air Max range, with the Infrared colorway being legendary.

“I would buy them. They look good on certain people,” said Maria Ruiz, 11th grader.

Since 1979, this technology has been used in a wide range of Nike sneaker silhouettes, many of which are counted among the brand’s most popular to this day. The Air max can be customized online. You can design your color online to customize your air max shoes. What is unique about Air max? All the Air max shoes can be pressurized gas or more translucent pouches by pressure. It refers to “Air units” or “Airbags,” but it can provide superior cushioning to traditional foam while reducing weight.

“I sometimes think the price might be too high,” said Angel Pena, 11th grader.

In my opinion, the design is excellent, and the price is affordable for what it offers. The design and structure of the shoe are excellent. The functions of the air are unique and are practical. My preference for wearing Air max is a unique and cool design as it has different types of shoes every year and other materials or colors of the shoe.

“They are so comfortable, they give you height, and for the price, they are amazing. If you take care of them, they do not get dirty,” says Damarcus Batiste, a 9th grader.