A new challenger approaches…

Masahiro Sakurai made super Smash Bros Ultimate on December 7, 2018, in Tokyo, Japan. Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a fighting game said to be the last in the series.

A player fights another player to see who will win the game. For example, you pick a character like Mario. Another person chooses a different character, such as Bowser, and fights them to get eliminated. Points are given to who the game’s champion is.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate from the Nintendo Switch has 74 characters versus Super Smash Bros from the Wii U with 58 characters.

Another fact about Super Smash Bros Ultimate is that they have new stages, new items, and new fighters instead of old ones, old items, and old fighters of Super Smash Bros Ultimate from the Wii U.

When you know how to play Super Smash Bros Ultimate and learn all the characters’ moves, you might have the advantage to win.