Apps of the Month: There’s An Impostor [Among Us]


Among Us, ten crewmates, and one impostor, while the others do tasks or try to find the impostor, the impostor must kill the rest of his crewmates to win.

Among Us is a game where there are ten people on a map. Out of those ten crewmates, there is one impostor. The impostor must kill all of his crewmates to win. While the impostor is killing crewmates, the rest should be doing tasks to win or build up a case against one of the crewmates to find the imposter. Everyone has up to three times to host an emergency meeting. In that chat, everyone votes/discusses who could be the imposter. And the twist is anyone can be voted out no matter what.

According to Juan, Among us is a ¨thrilling” game. We asked Juan what keeps you coming back to this game? He responded with “the thing that keeps me coming back, is the experience, such as trying to find the impostor, you look for clues and data, and it’s absolutely fun!¨

Would you stop playing the game if popularity decreased? Juan responded ¨The main reason I would leave is that I would have no friends to play it with. What’s the fun of that?¨

What improvements would you add to the game,¨ I would add a wider variety of settings and some new maps just so the game could be more fun and just a better experience.¨

Since last month Among us has gotten 42 million downloads, which is skyrocketing for an app. The app has generated 3.2 million dollars since launch. Among us was made in June 2018 by Inner-sloth.

The game did not have any success until recently, with many twitch streamers streaming. Among us is making the game bigger and bigger by the day.

All in all, Among us, is a ¨thrilling” and ¨exciting” game to play with friends and family, or by yourself. With many impostors to be found, or who knows, maybe you could be the impostor.