Among US : The Game That Has Taken Over The Internet.


Among Us, the game that has taken over the internet. Among us is a multiplayer game available in Mobile and PC as of now. This video game can be considered the game of this fall by the media.

Among us is a Mobile and PC video game developed by a small company named InnerSloth during June 2018 but just recently it started to get more and more popular due to Twitch streamers streaming themselves playing the game. 

“Among Us is an enjoyable game played with friends or random strangers, ” said Vielka Salazar, a high school student in Texas, “it’s a very unique game and gives me a good distraction “ she added.

Many people that play this game meet new people and make new friends through it and even get to know each other personally. It’s not only for teenagers but also adults and you can just befriend someone quickly.

“Some players may seem innocent, but when they gain your trust, they can betray you and lie to you” said Carlos Dominguez, a high school student in Texas.

This game is primarily about finding out who the imposter is and not trusting anyone until the imposter is caught. Most of the players are Crewmates and a selected amount of imposters. The game’s capacity of players is 10 players maximum and 4 minimum.

Among us is a really diverse game that’s open to anyone playing it and meeting new people within it. Many people of different ages and backgrounds get to enjoy it and play with other people alike or similar to them .This video game sure did have an impact in the gaming media this year.