App Of The Month: TikTok


Victor Rivas

TikTok, the app where trends start. TikTok is an app where you can see millions of short videos, from comedy to educational videos, all in one app!

Many people have diverse opinions on the app TikTok. While many find it entertaining to be on, others find it quite boring. We interviewed two people for their opinion.

We first asked Carlos, do you find TikTok entertaining? He responded with, “Honestly, no, the only time I’m on TikTok is when I am absolutely bored,” and Juan replied with, “Yes, TikTok is very entertaining; I could stay watching for hours.”

Then we proceeded to ask, what were your thoughts on TikTok getting shut down? Carlos responded, “I could care less. The app is just a waste of time” then we asked Juan, he answered, “If TikTok were shut down, I would be lost, because that is usually what I do the whole day.” As you can see, some people find it boring while others love it.

TikTok is an app with millions of users all over the world. With that many users, you are sure to find something you like. TikTok stretches from cooking, technology reviews, comedy, cars, even surgery!

Many people use TikTok to express themselves and show others their creations or something cool.

TikTok has accumulated over 3 billion dollars with millions of users since 2019 and has had over 738 million downloads since then.

Now TikTok has introduced a creator fund, where they pay creators for the number of views their video gets, and in total, the amount of money given from the creator fund is around ~200 million dollars.

To put this in perspective, TikTok could be a full-time job, with many creators earning up to 3 million dollars+ per year!

Ultimately TikTok is an app where you can express yourself, show your creativity, or just lay back and watch your favorite creators.