“Blows other iPhones out of the water”

Ashley Lucero

This device has a 5g network speed, an A14 bionic chip, and a pro camera system, but what exactly are we talking about?

Apple has recently released the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro for preorder, and it will be in stores by tomorrow. These new iPhones have a faster network speed; it has a 47% larger sensor, and these new iPhones are one of a kind with them having the first 5-nano meter chip in the entire industry, with advanced components.

“5g speed. A14 Bionic chip. Pro camera system. Take a look at what this iPhone can do.”

Apple recently came out with three other different versions for the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone 12 mini, and lastly, the iPhone 12 pro max. These newest iPhones have more screen and less bezel, a ceramic shield, which is more water-resistant than the previous phones, and there are also four different color options for the outside glass and outline. These new devices also have a LIDAR scanner that can measure how long it takes for light to reflect objects faster than before. It can create a depth image of the space around you.

“Blows other iPhones out of the water,” “kicks glass,” and “Portraits that come out at night” are some of the quotes Apple uses to advertise and announce their newest iPhones that they just released recently, some being able to preorder and even purchase in stores starting tomorrow.

Apple’s new night mode comes in both the Wide and Ultra Wide cameras. The night mode captures pictures and other shots with better low-light.

“AR apps can now transform a room into a realistic rain forest or show you exactly how a new sneaker will fit” is how Apple describes their new LIDAR scanner.

The iPhone 12 max has a sensor that is 47% larger. It has a new OIS that does not stabilize the lens but the sensor for more steady shots. The camera lets you zoom into the portraits more with the new 65mm telephoto camera.

Each year Apple releases more products with great technology that makes you wonder how we got from traveling thousands of miles on nothing but foot and horse, to deliver a letter in a couple of months, to now, where phones have all this and that.