TikTok Trends with a Negative Consequence


Recently there have been several viral videos on TikTok about “licks.”

Licks are when individuals record themselves stealing and vandalizing their school’s property.

“Of course it’s wrong, vandalism isn’t good in any way possible, so the issue is that some TikTok trends are going way too far, and it’s not right” Andree Mendez, 9.

This has become a famous prank around the world. This recently has become an issue in many school districts across the United States.

This has been a serious situation because many kids have taken it too far, where they take electronics and even have lost restroom privileges. Some teachers have stopped allowing students out during class because they do not want any school property vandalized.

School officials around the country are reporting damages to their bathrooms as students film themselves stealing mirrors, soap dispensers, urinals, and even sinks and posting them on TikTok. This can lead to severe consequences to even being charged with theft.

Ms. Lauren Garner, 10th grade principal said, “I find the trends disturbing. I think it is say that there is a trend that feeds off of destruction. I think it’s worse that students are falling into the trap and going along with these trends for views. Why not a trend where you do something good for your school? Pick up trash?  Volunteer? That is what we need in our world, things that bring us together not tear us apart.”