Lakers take it this year!

“Miami Heat is coming back stronger next year.’’

The NBA Finals for 2020 was won by the Lakers, who were going against the Miami Heat.

The Lakers had it all.

It was a 3-1 lead, but then it went to a 3-2, but in Game 6, the Lakers won it.

“It was crazy how LeBron has four rings now.”

Game six could have been the last game for the Lakers to win the championship, and they won the NBA finals in Game six with a total of 106-93, which is a 13 point lead game. LeBron had a total of 28 points, Anthony Davis had 19 points, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope had a total of 17 points, which were the three highest points in the Lakers.

With the Lakers winning the NBA finals in Game 6, LeBron has four rings, and each of the Lakers players got a ring. LeBron James got the MVP, meaning that he performed with the best effort to win it.