Rockets-Time for a Rebuild

This week’s sports have been overshadowed by the NBA’s draft but underneath the surface there have been rumors of trade in Houston.

The Rockets number one star James Harden wants out of Houston and he wants out now. He recently denied a 150 million dollar extension to his contract which would have kept him here until 2024. He has not officially stated why but if when one looks at the state of the team. The Rockets lost their GM and coach who have been successful in every meaning of the word. But now with new faces around Harden wonders if he should jump ship now. 

Houston number two star Russell Westbrook is officially on the chopping block and the organization is opening to deal him to anyone with a good deal. There was a deal that would send him to washington for Bradley Beal, who has missed much of the last two seasons due to injury, not to mention his horrible contract. 

This season will truly be a test if Houston is still in the hunt for a championship or is time to sell and try to get the best picks and unproven gems.