Immigrants at the U.S-Mexico border

immigrants U.S-Mexico


U.S and Mexico

Monriseth Escobar

What happened to the immigrants at the U.S border? *Belinda, a 16-year-old girl, who fled her country because her father sexually abused her, came to the border with ¨the hope of a better life¨ with her baby and her mother.

When she entered a shelter run by the government of the country, she thought they would have the possibility of requesting political asylum and reuniting with his family in the U.S. instead she was deported to Mexico amid the global Coronavirus pandemic. She arrives in her country to find herself, with the fear of receiving the same threats that the fault must have denounced her father who as a result was imprisoned as described by her lawyer in the United states.

Cases like Belinda* are many on the border of United States of America, some are more difficult, at last 915 minors were expelled from the southern border of the U.S between October at least 60 were deported from the interior of the country in the same period according to official figures.

According to various organizations, deportations have been done in the middle of the morning, without the authorization or notifications of the children’s legal lawyers, these actions have caused lawyers to file urgent lawsuits in court to stop the deportations. Hundreds of other minors have been expelled in a matter of hours or day from the United State border without the possibility of applying for asylum protection or seeking legal help.

There was a law to help minors who entered at the U.S border without a parent called special protection that was approved in 2008 for victims of traffic, But due to the Covid-19 outbreak this law eliminated and now many immigrants to enter the United State border alone are being deported to their country.