How are small businesses doing during Covid-19?


We all know how much of a pain this virus has been and how it has affected many of us in different ways. There is one group, in particular, I’m referring to, small businesses have been one of the most impacted by this virus, and unfortunately, many small businesses have closed. There are many ways that you can help these businesses keep their doors open. Many young entrepreneurs (mostly teens) have found platforms to advertise their products and increase their sales. Many businesses make their website and then advertise on social media like Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter. It’s amazing what many creators have been able to do in these challenging times. Many small businesses have also offered delivery services to make their buyer feel safer without leaving the comfort of their home and fear catching the virus.

I don’t think many people realize how hard it is for small businesses to run during a pandemic there are many risks. Getting supplies for their products is difficult enough as it is, and many of these young entrepreneurs are actually getting the supplies themselves because many don’t have/make enough money for a delivery person. We all know that these owners face many obstacles during these hard times, and they really need our support now more than ever.
Maybe we should ask people for their opinion on why it’s important to support small businesses in this challenging time. ¨it is hard for small companies to get many customers or any employees¨ Alexis Tamez, 11th grader at Northbrook high school.

We could make a massive change if we come up with amazing ideas to help these young entrepreneurs succeed and not close their doors so soon. ¨We could donate to them. Due to this pandemic, many jobs have been losing or making less money, so donating is a good first step.¨ Joshua Bates, 11th grader at Northbrook High School.

In the end, helping small businesses benefits all of us, they make and produce what we want, and we help them by purchasing their products, and if that goes away, then what do we have? Please do anything you have to support small businesses.

Here are some great businesses that need your help and support!
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