Stay-At-Home Fitness

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone’s lives have had drastic changes to their lifestyles. Some things changed like people’s schedules, mental health, dietaries, and of course physical health. Many people have resorted to home fitness due to gyms and facilities closing.

An owner and fitness instructor at Inspire Women’s Fitness, Ayanna Gibb, says her clients have found many ways to use household items to complete workouts.” Item’s including a plastic lid or Swiffer cleaning pad for glider workouts work and using the back of a chair or couch for balancing during barre classes,” says Gibb.

Not everything has been easy, and it has been difficult without inspiration and motivation. You could just be busy with family and your everyday lives. Some people have only been affected differently, like emotionally, physically, and financially by the pandemic. We have been trying to create and learn different ways to stay fit with what we have around us.

You can always give clients a challenge, and that could “spark” something. Not everyone would want everything to be the same thing every day. Switching sets, aerobic challenges, bodyweight challenges, etc., can improve your upper and lower body exercises.

“Obviously now with the lockdown and curfew here in Montreal right now it is a bit harder for the people that don’t have a normal work schedule,” states Luis Argumendes, a co-founder at Centre U Fit,” But people are finding different ways to work out.”

Sometimes you expect things to happen the way you want them to be. Partaking in several exercises could help change your exercise routine, which would be an accomplishment to your goal of physical fitness.

Helping your body image without thinking about it would be the best for you and others’ judgment, perception, and self-esteem.

Article Source: Madison Wong