National School Counselor Week- Mary Cuevas


Reynaldo Hernandez

The counseling team at Northbrook High School is very tight community. They can always be seen working together.

February 7th through the 11th is known as National Counselors Week. This week we have talked about several of our excellent, hard working counselors at Northbrook, without them we would not be where we are today, they are the backbone of our schools. 

Mary (Molly) Cuevas is the tenth grade counselor at Northbrook High School. She always puts time and effort into her students. Cuevas enjoys supporting the students in their sports and fine arts. Like me, she is also a huge baseball fan. Outside of school she utilizes her time to quilt and read.

Cuevas is huge supporter of the NHS Booster Club. As a parent of a Northbrook student and a faculty member, you can always see her working long hours at sports events.

“She’s really there for you. Whenever you talk to her, she’s always making time for you,” says Jocelin Fajardo.

Cuevas is a proud alumni from University of Texas at Austin and University of Houston.

Mary sets her time in getting to know her students and helping them towards graduation. One of her favorite quotes is “A good education is a foundation for a better future,”  by Elizabeth Warren.

She’s always seeking better opportunities for us. She always tells us that if we ever need anything to go to her. You can always see her at our fundraising events,” said Henry Gonzalez.

Cuevas can be found in the 10th grade office on the second floor. She is only an email or visit away.