The Xbox Series X and the Playstaion 5

November 10th and 12th are going to be major days in the Technology world. The Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 will be released worldwide.

Which one are YOU going to get?

The Xbox Series X and S will be releasing on November 10th with a price value of $499, while the Playstation 5 will be sold in two versions: digital or disc, and they will be released on November 12. The digital Playstation 5 will be $399, while the disc version will go around $499. Both consoles are going to be able to be bought in store.

”Both consoles are the same thing except they have different controllers” said Jorge Estrada, an 11th grader at Northbrook High School.

”The Xbox Series X is trash” said Silverio Lopez, 9th grader at Northbrook high school.

The Xbox Series X has 1 terabyte of storage, is backwards compatible with any Xbox game, has faster loading time and higher resolutions, while the Playstation 5 would have great graphics, much faster or non existent loading times, it is capable of producing 8k visuals and ray tracing. Ray tracing is a technique that can produce lighting that looks realistic on a object.

Both of them are great consoles but it just depends on what the person likes the most, for instance would they want a bigger controller, backward compatibility, faster loading time or 8k visuals? You decide.